A little bit about me…

3 years ago someone broke my heart, and I stayed there for longer than I should. I’m not here to talk about love or heartbreaking moments, even when you could find in some of my stories a lot of romanticism and sentimentality (I’m a hopeless romantic, and I won’t change that).

I’m here to share my ideas, stories, and thoughts; writing turns into some kind of best friend since I start creative writing lessons five years ago. I always remember how my first professor makes me feel, I don’t remember his exact words but the meaning was something like this:

“We all tell stories. We do it when we tell others how our day was; when we share an unforgettable memory or explain something that happened to us, and even when we gossip. But some of us treasure doing it, and so we choose the most beautiful words, trying to engage the person who is listening by showing the story little by little, making them enjoy as much as we enjoy telling the stories».

When I felt broken and with no idea of how I could put my pieces back together, someone told me great advice: start dating yourself. Do you want to eat at that great new restaurant? Take yourself out to dinner. Do you want to go to the new exposition in town? Buy the tickets. Do you feel like sitting around without doing anything? Find a comfortable bench and sit. By being alone we can speak with ourselves and know ourselves more deeply, letting us be who we truly want us to be. 

We can laugh about buying the most expensive dish on the menu to later discover it tastes awful. Or when after 20 minutes of seeing that masterpiece we keep thinking how can I understand a fuck about this. We can belt it out while we are driving and our favorite song starts playing and feel nostalgic when an older couple passes by romantically holding hands.

By being alone we learn to laugh about ourselves and to let us feel sad when needed and that’s how truly enjoy who we are. At meetings in our jobs or negotiations, we play different roles using a mask that shows a limited version of ourselves; we don’t need that most of the time.

Recently I heard Brene’s Brown TED talk about the power of vulnerability and I just love the way she describes wholehearted persons like those who have the power to connect with others. Those wholehearted people are the ones that have the courage to be imperfect and the power of connection came as a result of authenticity; they were willing to let go of who they thought they should be to be who they were.

Without any mask, 

I’m someone who loves art even when I feel it’s hard to understand. I keep myself learning about it because it moves me.

I’m someone who loves novels. The idea of someone creating stories out of nowhere blows my mind. I believe it’s a perfect example of how amazing the human mind can be, It can be able to create and conceive stories with the only purpose of communicating a lesson, knowledge, or even just feelings.

And most of all, I’m someone who loves to wonder about life. My perfect date is to sit with a glass of wine and tasty food to talk about what we have learned from life, what hurt us the most, what makes us laugh or sigh. If you tell me about that thing that makes you feel passion, I will love to see that shine in your eyes that automatically appear.

To feel heartbroken was the best thing that could happen to me because while I was in a struggle for worthiness, I learned how to be vulnerable. 

It used to scare me to feel vulnerable sharing the way I see the world with others, but now I love it. I am sure a lot of people see it in the same way I do and many others see it in a completely different way or an opposite one. It’s neither good nor bad, there are just different points of view.

So, I think about 4 sections for my blog, that will show what I found I like about myself when I put my pieces back together in a way I like them to be. 

  1. There will be a section about art. Maybe if I shared what I learned and understand about some piece of art, someone else can feel moved the way I do.
  2. Movies or series reviews. But not in a technical way, like analyzing the performance of an artist, the photography, or the production; just sharing what does the story makes me feel or though.
  3. My tales. So many years of loving literature make me write my own imaginary stories.
  4. And finally, what I wonder about life. I believe if we listen when we are asking ourselves questions about life, we learned a lot.

The definition of courage it’s from the Latin word «cor» meaning «heart» and the original definition was to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart, while I write and share with you I’m practicing having the courage to be imperfect.